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Bruno's COVID-19 Information

Bruno's Open for Indoor & Outdoor Dining
Wednesday thru Sunday 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM 


To our very special Bruno’s family of staff, friends and regulars, please know that Bruno’s is everything to us and we will not give up. We will be offering a limited menu to keep us going and to adjust to the needs of our community. We are currently open for dining based on what is recommended by the Santa Cruz County Health Department, and what is best for our community.

We will fight hard when this is over to come back strong and be your neighborhood hangout again.

We are taking special precautions in addition to our regular safe food handling. You can read about them in the section below.


For those of you who would like to support us in fully reopening at capacity when this is over, but aren't comfortable ordering ToGo, gift cards are available for purchasing by clicking the link below.


Thank you again for all your support in helping us to keep going, we truly do love you and we hope to see you again soon.


Stay healthy and safe!


With love,


Ro and Jo.

What Can You Do to Help Keep People Safe?

Please remember that although you may be healthy and experiencing no symptoms, you may be carrying the virus and could possibly infect others. the CDC states that people who are at higher risk of getting very sick from this illness include:


  • Older adults

  • People who have serious chronic medical conditions like:

    • Heart disease

    • Diabetes

    • Lung disease

Please help us prevent the spread by following guidelines.

What is Bruno's Doing to Keep You Safe?

In addition to our regular safe food handling, Bruno's is following the protocols of the Santa Cruz County Health Department. We have posted the measures we are taking at the restaurant at the entrance. Some of the protocols are as follows:

  1. All employees are vaccinated and required to wear a mask indoors and follow the guidelines listed below:

    • Avoid entering Bruno's if you have a cough or fever

    • Sneeze and cough into a cloth or tissue or, if not available, into one’s elbow

    • All employees have been instructed not to come to work if sick.

    • We have implemented a COVID response plan should any of our staff or their families become infected.

  2. Bathrooms and other common areas are being disinfected frequently.

  3. Disinfectant and related supplies are available to all employees and guests.

  4. Soap and water are available to all employees. 

  5. Regular disinfecting all payment portals and pens.

  6. Disinfecting all high-contact surfaces frequently.




















It may be difficult  for both you and your server to hear one another with masks on, please know they are trying their very best to serve you.  As always, if something is not to your satisfaction, please do ask to speak to a manager to make them aware of the issue, give them an opportunity to make it right for you, and to help us to continue to learn and grow as we move forward through this pandemic in order for us to serve you best.


In addition to the above, we are following all mandates to ensure best practices for serving the public during the pandemic. Please review the latest information from NPR regarding take out food:

How Safe is it to Eat Takeout?

If you should have any questions or concerns not covered in the information above, please contact us using the booking form at the bottom of this page.

Thank you!
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